After reading the description below please apply by filling out this form, and submit a résumé, cover letter, and documentation of a project you’d like to share with us. If you have any questions, you can reach out to

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Overnight Camp Collaborator

Sebastopol, CA 95472 | July 1st - August 15th | Full Time | Seasonal - Summer 2019

Work and live with middle school and high school students ages 10-17 to engineer larger than life art, sculpture, structures, puppets, vehicles, mechanisms and more. Create a space where “yes and…” is a way of life and “don’t fart on my rainbow” is a rule that binds our community. Help wild ideas become reality through design, collaboration and compromise. Join a community where sincerity and vulnerability are given the time and space they need to foster connectivity and creativity. Treat kids with the trust and respect they deserve. Use a huge range of supplies and tools from standard arts and crafts to power tools and dimensional lumber. Fabrication professionals and ambitious aspiring artists alike are welcome on our team!

Your primary role will be living with and supporting the kids at camp. You will guide kids through the complex process of working on a team to make something bigger than themselves (figuratively and literally). You will be a role-model and teammate, doing the work right along side the kids (read more about what is a collaborator?). You will be a facilitator, making sure every voice is heard and guiding the kids through compromise and towards consensus. You will be a leader tilting the environment towards engagement, and the project towards completion. At other times you will have to hold firm boundaries that keep kids physically and emotionally safe. Above all else, you will help create a space where kids at our camp feel seen, heard and loved.

Program Responsibilities and Expectations

  • Co-develop curriculum and pick the summer's projects with the rest of staff (we co-design summer to make sure everyone has a project they are stoked about)

  • Attend weekly and daily meetings to discuss improving camp and meeting kids' needs

  • Build large-scale projects with kids utilizing power tools (we will teach you how!)

  • Facilitate group discussions and brainstorms

  • Play games inside and outside

  • Regularly assess the needs of the group and the individuals within.

  • Improvise on-the-fly responses to unexpected challenges

  • Facilitate transitions between activities

  • Co-Facilitate our daily fire-night activities

Maintain an emotionally and physically safe environment:

  • Uphold Project Ember’s tool use safety policies (to be covered in training)

  • Model and teach inclusivity

  • Facilitate meaningful collaboration and mediate conflict among campers

  • Bandage scrapped knees, have heart to hearts, and celebrate vulnerability

  • Facilitate evening transitions to ensure we all get enough sleep to stay safe

Non-Programatic Responsibilities and Expectations

  • Sleep on site, often in the cabin with the kids (except when officially on break)

  • Keep the site clean, orderly, and safe

  • Stay late on the last day of summer to make sure the site is left better than we found it

  • Give and receive specific feedback to and from a supervisor

  • Regularly submit camper notes (these help us maintain multi-year relationships with alumni and track things like projects they worked on and delightful moments they where apart of)

Physical Demands

  • Occasional Lifting up to 50lbs

  • Computer use (typing, reading)

  • Speaking to communicate both up close and over large distances

  • Seeing to maintain line-of-sight with campers

  • Kneeling, leaning, and/or squatting (primarily to interact with kids and projects)

  • Siting on the floor or standing for long periods of time

  • Working outside for extended periods

Basic Qualifications

  • You have started and completed a project of your own volition AND/OR you have experience working with children as a teacher, camp counselor, or mentor (informal experience welcome)

  • You enjoy spending time with kids

  • You are an excellent communicator

  • You are swift to adapt to changing situations and have high tolerance for uncertainty

  • You are committed to safety and high quality program delivery

  • You can pass a criminal background check

  • You are first aid certified (you can get certification after hiring and before camp starts)

Additionally Sought After Skills - Do not hesitate to apply if you don’t have these skills.

  • The ability to understand and make oneself understood with Spanish speaking families

  • Formal training AND/OR real-world experience in progressive education

  • Lifeguard Certification and/or more advanced first aid training such as aWFR, WFA or EMT

Schedule, Location and Compensation

  • Location: Sebastopol, CA - on a private farm

  • Type: Full Time, Seasonal

  • Compensation: $600-$760 per week depending on skills and experience. [3,900-$5000 for the summer]

  • Room and Board: Included

  • Schedule: Every staff member gets 42-48 hours off per week (one 24 hour break between weeks, and two to three 6-12 hour breaks throughout the week). Besides these official breaks (during which staff may leave campus) the rest of our schedule is always either on-duty or on-call (resting, but on campus if needed)

  • Dates: July 1st - August 15th (Ability to work until the morning of August 15 is a must)

Please submit a cover letter and résumé, along with a sample of your work (photos will do fine) to the linked form.  We look forward to hearing from you!



Children Icon by Gilad Fried and Female Contractor by Wilson Joseph from the Noun Project