Teenage Girl uses a Chopsaw

Overnight camp is magic.
Away from home and in a different context, kids make new discoveries about who they are, what they love, and what they are capable of. At Overnight Camp, our projects get their most ambitious; previously, our campers designed a larger-than-life game of battleship with moving ships and targets and adjustable catapults that could clear a 12 foot barrier. The days are long and rich, with free build and bunk-time rounding out our fulfilling and exhausting days. Between the shop, the land, and the community, overnight camps supports a true creative rhythm of work, play and rest. 

Overnight campers will also take on leadership responsibilities throughout the week. Through evening small group meetings, campers will develop skills to better communicate their ideas, resolve conflicts, share their goals, and reflect on their progress in a more intimate setting. We will also explore decision making styles as well as the risk assessment model we use at camp to evaluate new tools and how to use them safely.  

Questions? Give us a call at 415-295-5833 or email one of our Co-Founders directly. You can reach the Director of Programs, Joshua Rothhaas, at Josh@projectember.org and you can reach the Director of Community, Katie Richmond, at Katie@projectember.org.

An epic launch, a busted cart, and some big smiles. Failure positivity is the secret ingredient to innovation.

An epic launch, a busted cart, and some big smiles. Failure positivity is the secret ingredient to innovation.

"Wow. We are so thrilled to send our kids back to Project Ember this summer. “Genius is waiting to be revealed in each of us and, in the right kind of trouble, a person can transform their entire life.” -Michael Meade, The Genius Myth. Katie and Josh are mentors of the finest creation. They are providing the right kind of trouble, and offering bright, kind, challenging support for kids to stretch and grow into their own geniuses. It takes a lot of resources to get our kids across the country for this experience, but it is worth all of it and I am so grateful for the soul enriching experience." - Kim H

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Sebastopol, CA

We have a new home! We're pleased to announce a new partnership with a beautiful farm Just outside of Sebastopol. Just a stone's throw from our old home in the Redwoods, it is a working farm and community hub whose mission is to reconnect people to the land. We'll take up residence in their gorgeous farmhouse, build out our shop in the rustic barn, and enjoy our free time petting the adorable Jersey cows and dipping our toes in the stream.