Project Ember is an artistic engineering camp where kids come together to tackle outrageous challenges AND CREATE THEIR OWN larger than life solutions 

Every Week
 we build something we’ve never built before
collaborate with FRIENDS to design and create epic projects
and celebrate every success and failure we have along the way

Intimate Community • Infinite Possibility

"I knew Ronan was going to have a great time hanging out in the woods and doing construction with real power tools, but I didn’t expect to see him grow in maturity within a week’s time. After just one week of sleep away camp, my husband and I saw such a remarkable change in our son. Project Ember challenged my son to think outside of the box, and it really pushed him out of his comfort zone. He not only had to think with more flexibility and creativity, he learned the importance of being able to persist and adapt despite multiple setbacks and failures." - Melanie N.

Overnight 2017

FOR 5th-12th Grade MAKERS
Sebastopol, CA


for 2nd - 8th Graders
2019 Camps in Menlo Park