what families are saying

We know how valuable insight from another parent can be when it comes to choosing programs for your child. And we’d be surprised if you didn’t want to investigate - - we let 7 year olds use chop saws after all! Here you’ll find insights about our program from families and campers alike.

Many families have volunteered to personally field questions from other parents and caregivers, so please reach out if you'd like us to put you in touch. 

And just in case you missed it on our homepage, check out our explainer video to really feel what camp is like.

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“What a phenomenal camp experience this summer for our boys! To say that the weeks spent with you were life-changing for them, especially our older son, would not be an overstatement. He came back from his week at Project Ember motivated, enthusiastic, excited, and having matured as a person. Our younger son cannot stop talking about the projects, the people, and the experiences he had during each session. Of course, they both want to return next summer.

What Project Ember provided for my children: the opportunity to exist outside their comfort zone in a totally new environment; to get to know others through teamwork, honest discussion, and collaboration; to experience and try things they never before considered; to express creativity through a new modality; to realize they are capable of creating something significant with their hands and their brain through planning, trial and error, hard work, and cooperation; and finally, to live in a supportive and caring community where they could be their best selves.”

—Shana, Parent of 2 Alumni

"It was the biggest structure I had ever built and it was my first time building." Those were the words of my daughter, filled with pride and excitement. My eldest opened up more throughout the course of the week due to the constant atmosphere of community. My youngest learned the value of teamwork and that hard work pays off. Being unplugged for a week allowed them to engage more with their surroundings giving them the full Project Ember experience. By far my kids' favorite camp and the best decision I could've made for them. I fully stand by this camp and recommend it to any parent.”

-Silvia, Parent of 3 Project Ember Alumni

“Katie, Josh & the whole Project Ember Team have been such a blessing in our lives! Their mission, knowledge & love for helping kiddos with their mission is empowering! My child has benefited so much from Project Ember and I am forever grateful that she has been a Maker at Project Ember! Truly a moment in her life that she will never forget! Thank you Team Project Ember!”

-Danielle, Parent

"Not only are Josh and Katie caring and honest people, they do not hesitate to challenge you to grow educationally and as an individual. They treat you as an equal, but also expect you to have the same open-mindedness when interacting with others. I know that my time at camp will always be fulfilling and memorable."

-Anna, camper 

"Katie and Josh are some of the best human beings I have ever met. They are genuine, hardworking leaders who encourage discovery, teamwork, and problem solving. I had an amazing time last summer and am pumped to take part in Project Ember this year." 

-Alex, camper

"Josh and Katie's leadership is exceptional.  We entrusted our east coast kids to their west coast offering last year and it exceeded all expectations and was worth every resource it required (tuition, travel, time).  Josh and Katie lead from a place of clear understanding of the nature of soul-centered, healthy, human development and have a deep reverence for the agency and creative capacity of kids and youth.  The expectations for the week were both technically & personally challenging.  Katie and Josh helped orchestrate the most amazing dynamic of healthy whole human community during that week of camp.  It is a beautiful confluence of adult artisans mentoring the fiery, playful & visionary energy of teen aged youth with full circle learning and respect.  And all of this wonder plays out on the stage of nature with trees, herons, gophers and the ocean often nudging the humans out of the starring roles!

Yep.  Our kids are returning this summer to participate in the maiden voyage of Project Ember.  They are working, saving, and planning for it and have our full support!"

-Kim & Phil, parents of Alex & Anna

“Our kids have been involved in Project Ember since the beginning and better than any camp that they've done, Project Ember challenges them creatively, physically, and intellectually. Year after year, the projects get bigger and bolder as the teams of kids rise to the challenge. We believe all this is the result of the joyful, thoughtful collaborative environment created by Josh, Katie, Jenny and the rest of the team.”

Elisa, Parent of 2 Alumni

"My son Ben had a fabulous day at Project Ember! Project Ember is a mix of Adventure Playground, Maker heaven with big tools and big imagination.  It is a structured, focused environment where kids have the opportunity to work collaboratively on a very large, fun, and creative project under supervision of excellent counselors who understand kids and the importance of exploration. I highly recommend their camps!

-Keren, parent of Ben