Live Scan

Live Scan is background check process mandated by the state of California for all staff and volunteers that work with children. It involves heading to any certified Live Scan provider in the state of California, submitting specific paperwork and getting your finger prints scanned.

Getting Live Scaned

  1. Print and fill out this paperwork (Project Ember Live Scan form). We’ve pre-filled as much as possible for you. You can focus on filling out whats in the yellow box. If you don’t have a printer please see below.

  2. Find the nearest Live Scan provider (Yelp link).

  3. Book an appointment or do a walk in.

  4. Pay. There are three charges, a state fee, a federal fee, and a “rolling fee” which is the service fee charged by the Live Scan provider. Because we have provided a “billing number” on the form, you will only have to pay the rolling fee.

  5. Save your receipt, we will reimburse your rolling fee up to $40. Rolling fees range from $15 to $100. We’ve found that you can find totally adequate services in the $15-$35 range.

Confirming your live scan and getting reimbursed

  1. After your live scan you should receive both a receipt of payment and a proof of completion (often just a copy of the form you submitted with a stamp on it).

  2. Head on over to UltraCamp and submit both your receipt of payment and proof of completion in the document center. If you’re having trouble, here is a visual guide to uploading document in UltraCamp.

If you don’t have a printer:

Please call the local live scan provider and ask if they have forms on hand. The bring this information with you to fill out the paperwork in person.

  1. ORI: AK663

  2. Authorize Applicant Type: Employee 11105.3 PC

  3. Working Title: Camp Counselor

  4. Contributing Agency Information = Curiocity and Grit LLC, 2210 Russell St, Berkeley, CA 94705

  5. Mail Code: 21149

  6. Contact Name: Joshua Rothhaas

  7. Contact Telephone: (415) 295 - 5833

  8. Billing Number (Located in the “Applicant Information” section)