Session D: Elevators, Barrels of Doom, and Canons

The morning crew is getting really into Liar's dice.

After a day of safety training and group designing on Monday, everyone is always really excited to get right to building Tuesday morning.  During circle time this week, we're going to spend some time going over some of the essential things our collaborators have learned about making sturdy, functioning structures.  Today we talk about wood orientation and strength, seeing that a 2x3 bows much more when laid on its wide side than its narrow side.  Lucia helps with the demonstration by balancing on two boards, helping everyone else see how significant the difference in.  This will help us this week as some of our designs will hold campers. 

Christopher is back today and hopped in Jenny's stead with the squeeze group.  A collective design has emerged, bringing Alex's idea of a ramp with a lowering platform  together with something the kids can ride on.  They're calling it an elevator, and they hope the pressure of the platform with a kid on top will squeeze the balloon till it bursts. 

Hector adds rungs to the Squeeze Tower.  The water balloons will start the decent from the top of this structure.

Amarachi, Arunima, Khara and Lucia have been hard at working building a frame for their giant face which will sit at the peak of the Drop team's conveyor belt. James provided a helping hand and joined the girls for a celebratory moment upon completion of the box.  

Khara, Arunima, Lucia and James take a minute to savor in a project milestone. 

Fellow drop teammates Asa, Sam, and Alejandro have been diligently drilling holes assembly-line style to hit their ambitious target of 126 segments on the conveyor belt.  At four holes each, they've got 504 ahead of them.  These guys have some serious grit! The day's progress is already impressive, but they've got a ways to go still. Meanwhile, the barrel of doom begins to come to life as Anna, Odin, James and Lucia start drilling in many, many screws to pop our balloons. 

The barrel of doom team employs thoughtful use of an otherwise forbidden project mistake referred to as "Mr. Dangerous".  An unknown screw poking out of a board can be a major hazard.  In the name of art, they make hundreds of Mr. Dangerouses, but the seal them up each night with plywood so no one gets hurt. 

The Launch team has already knocked out an extremely well engineered rolling platform to serve as the base of their canon.  It's quickly become to ritual meeting place for the team to discuss next steps and iterate on their mechanism.  

Ronan, Ronan, Angel, Rene, Gabe, and Griffin discuss how the canon itself will function with collaborator Aakash and JC Teddy. 

TJ and Jacob take a moment to rest under the shade structure on their elevator floor to contemplate deep questions of the universe, such as "Why is the sky gray?"