Session D: Photo Update

On Wednesday, we take a deeper dive into the nuances of a drill vs. an impact driver. Now that we've had two days of practice using these tools, the kids have more context to understand when they might prefer one over the other.  Josh takes a moment to describe the hammers that activate when an impact driver hits some resistance.  

This week's group has been quick to value the importance of our twice daily team meetings.  The designs are technical and there's lots of components that need to interact.  We need to make sure all the subgroups of our team are on the same page and we've thought about the connections.  This is especially important today for the Squeeze crew who is down three members today (almost half the team today).  They have to refocus and distribute tasks among the remaining members, but Alex, Danny, TJ and Jacob are up to the task. 

Check out more of the kids' progress in the photos below.  Excellent moments of teamwork and collaboration, moments of celebration as we hit goals.  Problem solving as our tests yield unexpected results. Every day we make sure we stay hydrated by saying cheers to satisfying moments of the project (Cheers to the barrel of doom's completion!  Cheers to 504 drilled holes!) Come back soon to see Thursday finishing touches and Friday's final products!